Wealth Management Services

Investments not insured by the FDIC or any other agency of the Government. 
They are not deposits or other obligations of the Bank or guaranteed by the Bank and
involve investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested.

Financial Planning:
Are you making use of all of 
your financial resources?

The Harvard State Bank will help you and your family create and maintain financial security. 

What are your unique challenges?

  • A closely held family business
  • Investments are too risky
  • Assets with low yields
  • Too many different accounts
  • Not clear on the big picture
  • No cohesive plan
How's the family dynamics?
  • Spendthrift children
  • Handicapped adult child
  • No will, no POA
  • Second marriage
  • Heavy with IRA's
  • Impatient Heirs
  • Need an experienced Trustee
  • Worried about your own incapacity

Personal Trusts

Consider naming The Harvard State Bank as your Trustee or Successor Trustee. We offer full-time, professional staff, knowledgeable about investments, taxes and accountable for every act. You can depend on us to look after your family's needs in a professional manner and with complete confidentiality.

Living Trusts 

A living trust is established during your lifetime to benefit yourself and/or a loved one. The writer of the trust can amend or revoke it. The trust will be distributed as you intend at your death or continue on for the benefit of others. Trusts can avoid the expense and delay of probate proceedings. By naming The Harvard State Bank as trustee, you will have selected an independent, experienced, professional and regulated entity to carry out your wishes.

Estate Settlement

The executor of an estate has a demanding set of tasks: safeguarding assets, paying debts, collecting sums owed to the decedent, accounting for all transactions, filing tax returns, reporting to the court, distributing the estate and coping with the family personalities. The Harvard State Bank Trust Department has the skills needed for the job! 

Testamentary Trust 

A Testamentary trust is created under your will for the benefit of someone else such as a spouse, a child or grandchild. As trustee, The Harvard State Bank will distribute the funds as you intended and for years to come.

Investment Agency Account

An agency account is a portfolio of assets managed by The Harvard State Bank. You own the assets but retain the bank to invest or manage the portfolio according to parameters that you provide.

Custody Account 

The Harvard State Bank holds the portfolio of assets but the bank does not manage the investments. The client directs all transactions.

Charitable Trusts

A charitable trust is created wherein you or the charity receives an income from a valued asset at the beginning (lead) or end (remainder) of the trust.

Land Trusts

A simple, inexpensive method for handling the ownership of real estate. The recorded title to the real estate is held by a trustee, but all the rights and conveniences of ownership are exercised by the beneficiary whose interest is not disclosed. This method can eliminate many of the difficulties that otherwise may be encountered in acquiring, owning, selling or transferring real estate.

Individual Retirement Accounts

The Harvard State Bank has extensive experience with IRA accounts including Traditional IRA'S, Roth IRA'S, and IRA Rollovers. Many employers have discontinued their 401K and /or pension plans. Different regulations and tax deductibility requirements are mandated by the IRS. Be sure to check with us on your eligibility, your qualified plan transfer and your current investment strategy. If you hold an IRA now, you must check the investment mix to determine the amount of risk you are taking with your investments.

(Trust Products are not FDIC Insured)